Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Why Businesses Should Opt For Paperless Office?

The past decade has seen some major advancement in technology and its applications. Many of these have now come to be used extensively in the various business processes. They not only automate the work processes but also help in managing the day to day operation in a better way. One such technological transformation has been the more and more reliance of the businesses on the paperless offices. Since the daily processing of huge amounts of data saw the wide spread use of paper files and documents in the storage and maintenance of this data, the trend seems to be changing these days. This is because the companies and businesses are opting to convert their physical documents and files into digital data.

This can be attributed to the various advantages it offers to these businesses. First and foremost, it eliminates the need to create more space for the ever increasing number of paper files and folders. This space in the office premises can be put to profitable use. The digital data is compact and can be easily stored in hard disks, servers, CD in the desired format.  This also reduces the overhead costs. The costs incurred on the upkeep and maintenance of these files is also brought down. The companies need at least one employee to manage these documents. The man hours and effort spent on their upkeep is saved for better use. This enables instant sharing of data and knowledge across departments and employees. So, this results in increased coordination and productivity among them. 

By storing data in the digital database, it’s easy access and availability is facilitated. The data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This enhances prompt service. The customers don’t have to wait for long while the executive’s frantically search through the paper files for the required documents. They can access the desired information in an instant from the database. In addition to these benefits, the process of document scanning solution offers many more options. Since, the digitized data can be stored in the clouds; it is safe from the unauthorized access and modifications. It is also safe from theft and destruction from rodents, termites and environmental factors. The data is readily available in case of the network issues. The data and company information is safely stored and available as backup whenever required. The process of restoring data also benefits from this as well.

So, with these benefits to offer, there is no doubt that the digitization of data is becoming more popular by the day. It has proved to be a cost effective solution that adds to the company operations in a positive way. Even the process of converting physical archives in to the digital format does not difficult. Although, the process requires the use of expensive equipment, the company requires using it only once. Therefore, it becomes a better option to contract out this work. There are various service providers that offer to do this at affordable prices. They make use of the state of the art equipments and software to deliver results as quickly as possible. So, it becomes a convenient option for the companies to this done.

In the end, we see that the digital data offers many options to the businesses and enterprises that can enhance their working processes and increase the productivity.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Make a Paperless Office with the Right Document Management Solution

Be it small or big, every organization or business needs to handle paper work these days. No doubt traditional ways are also there to manage the paper work or documents however; they are not so much effective when it comes to security and easy access to the documents. Thus, it is required to have suitable document management solutions so that, keeping, storing, filing, sorting, accessing, retrieving and sharing of data can become easy and human efforts can be reduced to the minimum level. 

Moreover, with the effective use of document management system, not only the documents but also, audio, video, reports, mails, pictures and scanned files can be accessed or shared. Security is another benefit that eliminates unauthorized access to the data. Thus, maintaining records or keep them safe and up to date are no longer a tough task. Additionally, productivity can be increased as the employees of an organization can concentrate more on generating business rather than handling files or reports.

There are many vendors in the market that can offer the best document management systems however, it depends on you and your businesses that what type of document management system you choose. Moreover consider the fact that what types of document management software does your system supports. Additionally, consider the use, budget, function and reliability of the system while choosing the one. So, choose the best solution for your documents and turn your office into a “paperless office” which will also help our environment.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Significant Role of Document Management System

Be it small or big, every business needs to maintain some sort of data. It is also required to cope with the current need of the documents which can be required anytime. Therefore, it is mandate to have a good document management system. In reality, document management system provides an easy access to the documents and therefore, the files remain safe and secure all the time.

These days, because of the modernization and the use of electrical devices, this system uses various types of advanced tools which help in sorting, retrieving, accessing and storing of the data. Moreover, security is the added advantage which eliminates an unauthorized access to the documents. However, the boundary is not just limited to the use of paper documents only instead, scanned documents, emails, video, audio, pictures and faxes can also be secured with the aid of document management system.

Since document management offers security to the files thus, it is important to choose the services of a vendor wisely. For example: Choose the best document management Kenya when you are residing in Kenya.

Besides, offering security and easy access to the documents, a document management system offers the following services:
•    Trace files within seconds thus, helps in improving the staff efficiency
•    Keep backup of the documents in case of an emergency
•    Offers easy access to share the same file within organization at a single time
•    Reduce data redundancy
•    Help in sorting the data within a few seconds

Friday, 21 November 2014

Convert Files to Digital Data with Document Scanning

There is a constant struggle to store ever increasing data in every organization. The need to create more space to save the heaps of files is a difficult task. Moreover, it is also difficult to access the required data in an urgent situation. Another looming danger is the harm caused by rodents, fire, theft or flood. It becomes essential to find a solution to these drawbacks that can help the organization to secure its content effectively.

As businesses are getting more dependent on the technology and easing out the burden of manual effort, there is a strong demand to convert the physical data into electronic form. This is facilitated by the document scanning Kenya. In this process, the entire stock of data is scanned by using the latest technology and state of the art equipment, and stored into any format required by the company. It is a fully safe and secure process whereby the scanning service is provided onsite and offsite. In the onsite facility, the service provider sets up their equipment on the company’s premises and completes the process under their vigilance. In the offsite service, the documents are taken to the office of the service provider where experienced and trained carry out the process.

The process has many advantages. A few of them are listed below:

•    Real time access to data
•    Compact data is easy to store and carry
•    Minimize chances of human error
•    Instant backup
•    Hassle free recovery
•    Saves on overhead costs and reduces manual effort

Monday, 10 November 2014

Document Management Offers Efficient Management of Data

With the ever increasing data and information, it gets cumbersome to maintain the papers for each and every activity of your organization. The vast amount of data consumes a lot of time to get sorted and stored. There is a possibility of human error and redundancy of data. There could also be a chance of loss of data. To prevent these, document management Kenya provides an effective solution to manage the huge amount of data.

Document management is a process of applying rules and regulations to how the documents are created, stored and expired within an organization. With cutting edge technology, it offers to make this stressful task of data management into completely hassle free activity. Document management systems are usually employed to take care of this aspect of document management. These systems provide easy and user friendly functionality to manage all the paper works in an enterprise. These are available as easy to use and install web and desktop versions.

Using a document management system in an organization can be associated with several benefits. They can be listed as follows:

•    Find documents within seconds
•    Improve productivity
•    Keep backup of documents as soft copy
•    Better coordination in the departments
•    Easy to share documents, data and information
•    Benefit from audit trial
•    Access documents anytime and anywhere over the web
•    Increased office space
•    Improved customer service

By employing a document management system, you can make the sharing of data and information in the organization easy and accessible. This would help to improve productivity and result in better co-ordination among the staff.  This would positively influence and improve customer service of the organization.